Тверской лакокрасочный завод

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List of training programs

Modern paint materials are high-tech products; to fully explore their benefits one needs special knowledge and skills. The Training Center of Tver Paint Factory is equipped up to highest standards and awaits its students.

The equipment installed at the Training Center includes:

  • SIMA spray booths and preparation areas;
  • SYMACH dryers;
  • Festool sanders and polishers;
  • Sata and DeVilbiss spray guns;
  • 3M, Festool, Chemicar materials.

The Training Center is capable of receiving up to 500 persons per year. Depending on the course, the number of students per group may vary from 5 to 10 persons. This helps achieve maximum efficiency during training. On graduation from each course those who passed successfully will be granted a diploma.

Courses’ contents are being constantly improved and updated.

All courses include both theoretical and practical parts. It is not only the beginners who will gain from training. Skilled colorists and painters will also find a lot of interesting and useful information.

Courses are conducted by qualified personnel experienced in providing both practical and theoretical training.

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Подготовка поверхностей мастер-моделей. Ремонт матриц для формования стеклопластиковых изделий.
Окраска Базовый
Окраска сложных и трехслойных цветов, матовые лаки
Standoblue Start Up
Ремонт и окраска пластика
Car Bench & Elektron
Базовый курс по колористике
Колеровка эффектных цветов и трехслойных покрытий
Standowin & Genius+